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If you have a website, and you are ranking for several different keywords, there is always the possibility that you may lose your positioning. This could be due to what is called a Google penalty, and many people experience this every year. You can be penalized by Google for doing things that they find to be converse to what they allow. By using marketing techniques that they do not agree with, especially with search engine optimization, you could find your website even the indexed. Here are some easy ways to avoid a Google penalty that could literally eliminate your revenue from the web.

Common Google Penalties

To avoid a Google penalty, you first have to know what they actually are. This is something that you may be confused about, especially if you are sent a notice from Google stating that you are using techniques that are contrary to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. One of the most common techniques that are used for getting top rankings is the use of getting backlinks. Google will be looking for these, and they will specifically tell you that they believe that your website is receiving unnatural or artificial links that are intended to boost your positioning. It is also possible that they may penalize you for having content that is not unique, something that is also very common. To avoid these penalties, follow these simple steps you will never have to deal with Google penalty notices.

How To Avoid These Penalties

To avoid a penalty regarding backlinks, never pay a service that is going to send out hundreds of links google paneltyevery day. This looks completely unnatural, especially with a brand-new site, which it would be impossible for people to have found and want to link to. In conjunction with this, if you have a website that has what Google calls thin content, or even duplicate content, this is even a worse situation. If it does not provide anything useful, and is a regurgitation of information that is readily on the Internet, you are going to be penalized. To avoid these problems, only build backlinks gradually, and never use your main keyword more than 2% of the time for all of the backlinks that you get. Finally, use unique content, with some curated content, to avoid a content penalty.


trafficDo you want more traffic coming to your website? It is not going to be a simple process because there are factors you have to account for. A site owner that is diligent will get results, so you are moving in the right direction already.

Let’s take a glance at three things a person can do when it comes to getting traffic.

This is how to push more traffic to your website in this day and age.

1) Use Social Media

This is the generation of social media when it comes to running a site and marketing. If you are not thinking about social media, you are not doing your job in essence.

Social media is the one way to make things go viral and see the rise you want to push forward with. Be patient and think about this stuff.

2) Optimize For SEO

Are you thinking about SEO? Are you doing enough in that regard? Is your site optimized with the right keywords and content? You want to look at your meta tags, titles, and subtitles as soon as you can. Optimize them for better results.

3) Quality Comes First

If you are not putting up quality content, you are wasting time and will struggle. There are site owners who put up great content, and that is the reason the get people to become repeat visitors. You want people to stick around as that is how you will generate real numbers.

This is how you are going to learn to push more traffic to your website in this day and age. As long as you are following these tips, you are going to get a site that can get great numbers on a regular basis. You will want to make the most of this when you get the chance.


How To Market A Technology Company With SEO

If you would like to improve your positioning on the search engines, and you have a website showcasing your technology company, there are several strategies that actually work very well for this particular niche. It doesn’t matter what type of technology you are marketing. Depending upon the type of products that you sell, the number of keywords that you are going to target will be limited, and you will also target local keywords as well. In this article, we will look at ways of targeting a technology company using search engine optimization.

How SEO Works

Search engine optimization is actually very easy to implement as long as you know the rules. your goal is to create a series of keywords that you can use that will target very specific individuals that will be interested in what you have to sell. If this is a product line that will be used in very specific local areas, you can use cities and the names of towns in order to be more specific. By doing so, you will improve your chances of ranking at the top of the search engines, attracting people to your website very easily. Moreover, you can use search engine strategies such as using videos, images, unique content, and interlinking all of your pages, so that the search engine spiders will rank you accordingly.

How Will This Work With A Technology Company?

Tech companies typically sell software, and are primarily based in Silicon Valley. Some of the most well-known ones are Apple and Oracle and Google. Microsoft is also a tech company, and although these companies do not really need to advertise, smaller tech companies will. You may have a series of software products that you would like to market to the general public, and without ranking on the search engines, or perhaps setting up PPC campaigns, it will be difficult to get your company off of the ground floor. However, search engine optimization offers you the most flexibility as you will know who your audience is, and you can choose keywords that will focus on them directly.

How To Accelerate Your Results

To improve your results quickly, your goal is to create as many pages as possible that are targeting every single software program that you have. You will want to consider all of the words that are related to your particular type of software, and also build pages based upon that. If all these suggestions seem to be a bit too much, you can always hire a local SEO consultant.  We hired this Dallas SEO Company and have been able to generate a lot of traffic for our websites.  But, not every one will be able to provide results, so if you’re not in Texas and can’t go with the SEO Firm we just mentioned, then please do you due diligence! By providing relevant information about the type of software that you sell, and also targeting it by name, you can improve your results of reaching the top of the search engines because there will be very few companies, or other websites, that will be presenting this information.

How To Target Large Or Small Clients

Whether your goal is to sell software to larger clients, or individuals that will be using their software on their computer, SEO is a fantastic way to get quick results for any product that you are selling. Once you have multiple pages up, and they are all interlinked, you will begin to dominate the search engines for your specific keyword terms. It will allow you to bypass all of the expensive ways of generating traffic which include using pay per click advertising, and many others, that will be far more expensive and produce fewer results.

Your website will literally become the easiest way for you to generate traffic to your products by using these simple strategies. You may want to consider using a search engine optimization company that can implement all of this for you. They will be aware of the latest changes in the search engine algorithms as you market your technology company. Soon you will have a large database of clients that will like the products that you sell, allowing your company to make more money.


With their WWDC conference just a couple of days away Apple recently announced some long overdue changes to the App Store that is set to improve the experience both for the developer and the end user.  They are set to change approval times, speeding them up, along with the revenue splits they currently share with developers and make it easier for apps to be discovered.  Now they will start featuring ads in the App Store search.

Most of the updates Apple has been promising should have been done years ago.  The App Store is getting old and tired for the user with most not even installing a new app in more than a month.  On the flip side of the coin developers have had a hard time getting their apps in front of people who might actually want them.  The changes are supposed to help both parties have a better experience.

App Review Process

Normally when you submit an app for approval it took five days for the process to be completed, they review to make sure you are adhering to all the legalese and you have paid attention to the terms and conditions and aren’t blatantly ripping off someone else’s app.   This is where Android and the Play Store had them beat their review times were much quicker, they used algorithms and not people to review apps.  Apple reviews over 100,000 apps per week which translates into a lot of manpower, but they now have a system to speed up the process.  Now they claim to review half of the submitted apps within 24 hours and up to 90% within 48 hours.  So if you’re a developer sitting around waiting to see if your app will get to market this is a big improvement.

Changing Commission Structure

The change in the commission structure will only affect app developers who rely on a subscription model to generate revenue.  Right now it is a 70/30 split between Apple and the developer, this was first introduced when most developers just did on off sales or upgrades.  Also Apple only allowed certain service to be subscription based, they were things like cloud services, news sites and MMORPG.

The change to the commission will only come into effect after the first year, so for year one it will still follow the 70/30 split but after year two and beyond it will be 85/15 instead.  Now subscription services will be available across all categories, but the developer will need to either provide new content on a regular basis or access to an ongoing service.  This policy is supposed to come into effect on June 13, and if you’re a developer who already has clients on board for more than a year you will see the new split right away.  Under the new model developers will have more control over pricing, they will be able to raise prices for new customers while keep old customers grandfathered in under the original prices.  Users will also get a break, Apple plans to make it easier to upgrade and downgrade or eliminate a subscription altogether.

App Store Ads

Developers have complained for years that it is too hard for a user to find their apps, and they are right about that.  The “Featured” section will change so it is no longer going to recommend apps you already have, they are bringing back the Categories tab to make organization easier.  They have decided to update more often than once per week.

Finally, paid ads in search.  The whole process is pretty much the same as how Google search works, when a user searches by keyword or name developers get to bid on the top slot.  They will start testing ad in the US in mid June and by fall it should roll out to everyone else.


3D printing has enjoyed a ton of media coverage lately, but do you understand how 3D printers work and what they can do for you?  We have only ever seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to 3D printing, the possibilities are absolutely mind boggling.  We haven’t even begun to tap into the potential of the 3D printer, medical applications alone could change the world.  The potential and the practical applications aren’t quite in sync yet.  However there are 3D printers on the market right now that anyone can buy.  They are being used to print a bunch of different products everything from action figures, camera and drone parts.  There are sites like this one that sell plans for things you can print with a 3D printer.  Load the plans onto your computer and it will instruct the printer and your object starts printing.  Here are some things that you won’t believe are printed using a 3D printer.

Tools You Will Need

Aside from need the 3D printer itself and of course a computer to connect it to, you’re also going to need ABS plastic.  You can get your hands on ABS plastic in reels from several different places on the internet.  There plenty of people who have bought 3D printers, some are merely hobbyists while others are making a few dollars here and there with their printers.  Some are seeing some good success because the market for supplies is pretty limited thus far.  Before you jump on the bandwagon and think this will be your next new business, you need to understand 3D printers aren’t cheap.  This is not the $5 printer you grab at Best Buy when you buy a laptop.  A good printer with high quality parts can run you around $3500.  If you’re a hobbyist this is a fairly expensive toy.

We haven’t even begun to see the potential in 3D printing, the technology is truly revolutionary.  Most people aren’t yet aware of the things we will be able to do with them.  We already have 3D printers that can make clothes, shoes, ceramics and even food, that is Star Trek technology come to life.  We will soon have the capability of printing our own household items…ran out of shampoo, print some.  Drop your spoon, print another one.  While that reality may be a little ways off, it is nowhere as far away as you might think.