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PoserPoser - Poser 6, Poser 5, Poser 4, and Poser ProPack characters, geometries, libraries, poses, props, and more. Tons of Poser content available for instant download. PoserPython and PoserSpeak!
VRMLVRML - Hail the Virtual Reality Markup Language. Dedicated to virtual reality. Tons of tools for VRML and WRL. Includes a 3D Search Engine, ShapeMaker and TerrainMaker, 3D Browser.
3D StudioMax3D StudioMax - All things 3DSMax. Contains maxscripts, max example files, tips, & tricks for versions 3 and 6. Find starter movies, plug-in examples, meshes & more for one killer 3D application.
3D Tutorials3D Tutorials - The new 3D Tutorials section is full of 3D ideas and unsolicited advice. Covers Max, Maya, Poser, VRML, PovRay and more. If i had trouble it should be solved in here.
3D Gallery3D Gallery - 3D images and renders from a wide variety of 3D applications. Including: Poser, PovRay, Studio Max and Maya. This section is purely for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for browsing the 3D gallery.
Alias MayaAlias Maya - Houston, we have Maya 6.0! We present this section dedicated to all things Maya, MEL, and more. One of the most versatile 3D apps available, the Beluga of 3D caviars.
3D Web Links3D Web Links - Friends in the 3D community. Site links with a 3d bend. This library is by no means complete, however if it is in our library, we like it. Suggest your site with your free 3dtrue user account.
Site HelpSite Help - Make Contact, give feedback and suggestions, request link, form bond, tell me i'm wrong, submit a tutorial or model. Fix problems with your 3dtrue order. Give me a clue, it's a contact form.
3D Boards3D Boards - Message boards to chat 3D and speak to our viewers. Requires a free account activation, no strings or tricks though. We don't sell email addresses if that's what you are wondering.
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